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Elysian Fields LiveJournal Community

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This is the LiveJournal community for Elysian Fields, a Spuffy-centric fanfiction archive.
Welcome to the Elysian Fields LiveJournal Community!

This Community is a companion to the Elysian Fields Spuffy archive. The archive hosts a enormous amount of wonderful fic supporting, rejoicing, expressing and telling the story of Buffy and Spike.

We support Spuffy. Be it canon--vampires and slayers and everything in between, or AU fantasy--all human fics where nothing supernatural is involved. The key element is Buffy and Spike.

If you are a reader, writer, beta, reviewer, or lurker, this community has been created so you all--we all--can get to know each other. This will be a place where new writing is encouraged, and where discussion can take place. Feel free to recommend fics you're loving, no matter if they're new or years old. If you can't remember the name of a fic, post the details you do recall, and our members may be able to help you out. The only thing that isn't allowed is personal attacks and badmouthing other members. Always remember that the username you're typing something about is an actual person who may read what you're writing.

Pull up a seat, introduce yourself, and get involved!