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Bad Valentines

Valentine's day is nearly here so I'm issuing a challenge. Write a little love poem from Spike to Buffy, or Buffy to Spike or about Spuffy in any of it's incarnations and post it here.

I loved the stupid puns and play on words on the valentine cards of my childhood, and the silly little poems. I thought it might be fun to take a break from serious writing and get a little soupy shmoopy.

I know lots of our members have artistic talent too, and I welcome pics of Spuffy valentine cards too.

Short, long, funny, silly, sad, romantic..bring it!

EF Reader Recs for 2016

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 finds everyone happy, warm, and safe! Last year (2016) was a great year to be a Spuffy shipper (everything else...er...lets not talk about that), especially here on EF. We were blessed with tons of amazing stories, both long and short, by both new and established writers. With so much weath and most of us having so little time, there might be many stories that readers either missed, meant to go back to, or that they'd like to be reminded of to read again. With pfeifferpack's blessing I wanted to make a thread here on LJ were EF readers could make lists of the stories from 2016 that they wanted to recommend to other readers.

A few ground rules:

  • Stories should have been at least updated in 2016. They do not need to be complete. On EF you can browse stories published in 2016 or updated in 2016. You can include stories only published on other sites, but Spuffy centric please!

  • We want to stay away from words like "best" or even "favorites". EF is not an awards site, publishing here should never feel like a contest. I'm going to title mine: 'Sunalso's 2016 EF Recs"

  • Lists have no minimum number, but a max of 20 stories per. You can make as many lists as you want: AH Recs, Dark Recs, OC Recs, etc. etc. etc.

  • Not mandated, but including links would be awesome!

  • Have fun remembering the year that was and have a great 2017!

The Holiday Season

Here is a Christmas Spuffy Card I made especially for Elysian Fields members - hope you like it.  Feel Free to use.

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The Holiday Season

 For stories that are larger than drabbles and ficlets - of if this is how you want to post them - post the links and other information you want AS A COMMENT.

Compliments of the Season


The Holiday Season

Here in Albuquerque New Mexico we have this wonderful city Christmas event at our botanical gardens-zoo called The River of Lights.  I had a great at the event with my sister and nephew and Buffy and Spike came for a visit.

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The Holiday Season

Treat yourself to the new LATW with James Marsters CD - available now at LATW website.

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The Holiday Season

Thought it would be very nice for our members to be able to share our Spuffy and Buffyverse fan love for the Holidays.  Please post any of your graphics, stories, music or vids you would like to share for us to enjoy.  Hope you have a chance to post your Christmas or Holiday Season work and help us celebrate Spuffy or any of your other favorite Buffyverse characters.

For Images larger than this sample - please use the under cut you can always use an icon or small intro image and USE as your subject title The Holiday Season.  Thanks for sharing.
Not acting as a moderator for Elysian Fields - I am not a mod - just a years long member and devoted Spuffy fan.

Spuffy family helping Spuffy family

This is an offshoot of a conversation on the Shout Box on EF. Things are changing in the USA and there might be hardships and/or emotional issues as part of the fallout.

I am starting this thread so that our EF family will have a place to use the comments and let us know if you DO have a hardship so, if possible, another member of the family can help in some way. (disclaimer... there will be no vetting so there is no way to control possible scamming so it's at your risk in the helping end. I doubt we have many or even any scam artists in our family BUT we will not be responsible for anyone who might use this for that purpose.)

Comments here is also the place to vent your anger or fear or depression etc.

Let's try to reach out to each other in love. This is NOT the place to put each other down so if you can't be supportive move along from this post.

Hope this can help.

*hugs* and love,

(NOT acting in the capacity as a Mod at EF, only as an individual member)

Essay on Seeing Red

Seeing Red was brought up in the shout box semi-recently, so I decided to post my thoughts on it here. Warning, some disturbing content under the cut.

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It's almost time!

We know you’re confused about how the upcoming Artistic Anniversary challenge will work, but don’t worry! We have answers for all your questions. See here for all the details: http://dark-solace.org/elysian/news.php?action=newsstory&nid=107.